Faculty Awards Report

PSW Section

Date: February 24, 1997

Submitted by: Stacey Breitenbach, Vice-Chair Faculty Awards

The Awards Committee included: Lyle McCurdy from Cal Poly Pomona, Dean Athans from East Los Angeles College, and Iraj Borbor from DeVry Institute of Technology.

Irvin Drew from El Camino College (Vice Chair, Community Colleges) participated in the selection of the Outstanding Community College Educator Award.

The committee received the nominations and excerpts from the Awards Nomination Information pamphlet via U.S. mail. We used e-mail as the primary means of communication. After each committee member reviewed the nominations, he e-mailed me his vote for each category. The votes for the DOW and Outstanding Teaching Awards were unanimous. The vote for the Outstanding Community College Educator Award split: 3 for Bob Stevenson and 1 for Keith Level (Irvin Drew participated in this vote and provided his input via the phone).

I received the following nominations (the bolded names indicate the award recipients for 1997):

DOW Outstanding New Faculty Award

Nominee					Nominator

James S. Burns, San Diego State		George T. Craig, San Diego State

Charles Coronella,			Wallace B. Whiting, University of
    University of Nevada-Reno			Nevada-Reno

Patrick E. Phelan, Arizona State	Don L. Boyer, Arizona State

Linda Vanasupa, Cal Poly-SLO	        Robert Heidersbach, Cal Poly-SLO

ASEE-PSW Outstanding Teaching Award

Chandra S. Brahma, Fresno State		Elden K. Shaw, Fresno State

Kimberly Ogden, University of Arizona	Thomas W. Peterson, University of 

Jennifer Ross, University		Richard H. Turpin, University 
	of the Pacific				of the Pacific

Sandra L. Scrivener, 			Conrad F. Newberry,Naval 
	Naval Postgraduate School		Postgraduate School

ASEE-PSW Outstanding Community College Educator Award

Keith Level, 				Rich Hart, Cabrillo College
	Santa Barbara City College

Robert Stevenson, 			Martin S. Roden, CSU-Los Angeles
	East Los Angeles College

The awards will be presented on March 14, 1997 at the ASEE-PSW Awards