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The Pacific SouthWest Section is a division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), a nonprofit organization of individuals, institutions, and companies dedicated to improving all aspects of engineering education.

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Fall 1998 Nugget Newsletter by Lyle McCurdy

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ASEE Pacific Southwest 1999 Conference

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·         Disclaimer

·         PSW Section By-Laws

·         Sample Ballot for Executive Board

·         Executive Board

o        Executive Board E-mail addresses.

o        Agenda of Executive Board Meeting: 4/19/99

o        Agenda of Executive Board Meeting: October 24, 1997

o        Agenda of Executive Board Meeting: March 20,1998.

o        Executive Board Membership as of July 1, 1998


§         Minutes of Executive Board meetings:

§         October 11, 1996 Minutes

§         March 15. 1997 Minutes

§         NEW- March 20, 1998 Minutes


·         Financial Reports/Budgets

o        Treasurer's ReportPSW, Bass Account. October 1996

o        Treasurer's Report, PSW, Bass Account, March, 1997

o        Treasurer's Report, NEW - PSW, Bass Account, March, 1998

o        Projected Budget, Spring 1997, Joint ELC & PSW (ASEE) Meetings, March 12-15, 1997

o        Draft, Revised Budget, Spring 1997, Joint ELC & PSW (ASEE) Meetings, March 12-15, 1997


·         AWARDS

o        1997 Faculty Awards.

o        1998 Faculty Awards.

o        Student Awards


·         Newsletter

o        PSW Nugget: --Last issue of Pacific SouthWest Section Newsletter - Fall 1996

o        NEW NUGGET Editor: Prof. Lyle McCurdy. He can be reached at:

o which is his work email OR

o He prefers that one use his home email address.


·         Dr. McCurdy is a tenured Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Prof. McCurdy earned his BS and MS degrees in Engineering Technology, (with emphasis on Electronics) from Arizona State University, and his Ph.D. in Technical Education from Texas A&M.
Prof. McCurdy is currently Chair of the Lower-Division Requirements Core Committee for Engineering. He will be the Chair of the Engineering Liaison Committee in 1999. He is a past newsletter editor for the Engineering Technology Division of ASEE and he has served as the Chair of the ETD Program.
Prof. McCurdy's primary teaching interests include analog and digital control systems and programming in C, C++/OOP, and Windows. He is slated to teach the department's new Technical Communications course this Fall.


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