American Society for Engineering Education

Pacific Southwest Section

Executive Board Meeting



March 21, 2003

University of Southern California


PSW Chair Phillips called the meeting to order at 7:36 am


I.   Members present:

Phillips; McCurdy; O’Brien; Dahleh; Muller; Wells; Loscutoff;

(Proxies of Walsh and Breitenbach assigned to Rainey. Proxy of Haynes assigned to O’Brien.)


Ex Officio present:

Louise Yates, USC,  Program Chair, Annual Meeting

Walt Loscutoff, Vice-Chair, Meetings


Executive Board Advisory Council present:

Paul Rainey, Cal Poly SLO

Gerald Jakubowski, LMU


Guests present:

Rahim Khoie, UOP

Vince Moretti,  East Los Angeles College

Larry DeVries, Zone IV Chair,University of Utah



II.                Spring 2003 Annual  Conference


Because of a time conflict for Louise Yates, this item was moved ahead in the agenda.


a)      Louise reported that as of the Board meeting, there were 31 registrants for the 2003 meeting All registrants received a bound copy of the Meeting Proceedings. The Board commended Louise for an excellent job in preparing for, and conducting the meeting

b)      Best Paper selection. The meeting paper committee will select the best three papers of the meeting, and a committee of Phillips, Dahleh, and McCurdy will pick the best paper from these

III.              Minutes of November 15 Executive Board Meeting


In the absence of Hynes, Phillips presented her Minutes of Nov. 15. MSC, the Minutes were approved as submitted.


IV.              Treasurer’s Report


In the absence of Plotkin, Phillips presented his Treasurer’s report. MSC, the Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted.



As part of the discussion of the Report, the following items were noted:

a)      We still owe $500 to National as the first payment on our commitment of $2000 for the National Teaching Award

b)      About half, 17/34, of our member academic institutions made a voluntary $50 contribution to PSW last fiscal year.

c)      We have received at least one more $50 contribution this year in addition  to those reported


V.                 Old Business


No Old Business was  brought up.


VI.              Zone IV Chair’s Report


Larry DeVries made his Zone IV Chair report.


a)     The National Outstanding Teaching award:    

 Each section that wishes to participate is to contribute $2000 over  four years . This will   be used as seed funds to help in a drive to obtain other sponsors   If the drive is successful it will not only endow a national prize but perhaps help with section awards.  If the drive is not successful the funds will be returned to the sections.  To date only one or two sections in the country have not "bought into" the project.


 b) The Section/Zone Best Paper Award:

Each Section will select a best paper from those presented at the section's annual meeting. The zone will select from these the zone's best paper. This paper will then be presented at the following year's (June 2004 for this years paper) annual meeting in a special session. Of the four papers presented at this meeting, one will be selected as the "National Section Best Paper", and will receive a plaque and a $1000 prize.


c) Discussion of Tom C. Roberts' (National Campus REP official )request for input as to how his office might be of more assistance.        

Request for nominees for the Zone Outstanding Rep Award.      Note: subsequently Sima  Parisay of Cal Poly, Pomona was selected for this award.



VII.           Awards


a)  Teaching. Breitenbach reported the following: For Outstanding Teaching Award, there were two nominees, and for Outstanding Community College Educator Award there was one.

Award recipients for 2003:

Outstanding Teaching:  Thomas Piechota, UNLV

Community College:  Jeffrey Jones, Cuesta College


There was discussion regarding the low number of nominees in both categories, and what might be done. There was also discussion as to whether we should attempt to redirect the Boeing funding of the Community  College award. 

There was a consensus that we will continue to fund the Outstanding Teaching award from PSW accounts. This has become the primary use of the $50 voluntary contributions we receive.


b)       The Outstanding Campus Representative for 2003 is Sima Parisay, Cal Poly,Pomona


c)      The Board passed a special resolution commending Sima Parisay for her outstanding work on the Section Web site.


VIII.        Executive Board Ballot


The slate of candidates for the 2003/2004 Executive Board was presented by Joe O’Brien. The slate was complete pending a decision from Jacqueline Hynes on again standing for election. (Note, subsequently, Jacqueline has declined to run.)


The ballot will be submitted to the members of the PSW Section shortly.


IX.   New Business


a)      Bylaws Changes. Phillips reviewed the new PSW web page and suggested that, since “Nuggets” has not been published for several years, the “Editor” position, prescribed in the Section Bylaws, might be eliminated.  The web site would then become a place for posting of news items. Also, since we have not had an Undergraduate Student Design competition for several years, We might eliminate the prescribed “Student Awards” position.


A lengthy discussion followed, including the merits of a direct, email, newsletter as opposed to simply posting on the web site.


The result was a consensus that that a committee be formed to study potential Bylaws changes and their effect. The committee will be Phillips MCCurdy, O’Brien,  Jakubowski and? (Not sure of this!)


In addition, the subject of proxies was discussed. Because obtaining a quorum at Board meetings is difficult,  this is one way in which the Board might continue to conduct business. Although this is not mentioned in the Bylaws, the Board consensus was to use assigned proxies as a practical solution to the attendance problem.


b)      The 2004 ASEE/PSW Section Spring meeting will be held at the University of the Pacific. Dates have not yet been determined. Rahim Khoie will be the Program Chair.

c)      ASEE National Conference will be held in Nashville, TN, June 22-25, 2003


X.                  Discussion Items


There were no additional discussion items.


XI   Next Board Meeting


The next PSW Board meeting will be in Berkeley on October 24th, ’03. This coincides with a scheduled ELC meeting.


XI.              Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at about 9:40 am.


Respectfully Submitted


Rich Phillips and Joe O’Brien