American Society for Engineering Education

                                                Pacific Southwest Section

                                         Executive Board Meeting Minutes


                                                       October 24, 2003

                                        University of California, Berkeley


PSW Chair McCurdy called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Members present: 


Borbor, Breitenbach, Dahleh, Kanneman, Khoie, Little, Loscutoff, McCurdy, Mendleson, O'Brien, Phillips, Wells, plus Tsai proxy to Rainey, Plotkin proxy to Rainey, Haynes proxy to O'Brien, Borbor’s proxy to Kanneman (last ˝ of meeting), and Morietti proxy to McCurdy).


Other:  Visitor, Beth Eschenbach, Humbolt; Past President, Paul Rainey, Cal Poly


I.   Call to Order


A quorum was noted.  The Minutes of the March 21, 2003 meeting were approved without change.  Approval of the current agenda was approved without change.


II.                Reports


a)      Chairman's Report: 


Chairman McCurdy reported that a nomination committee for future elections was in place.  He also reported that plans for the Spring meeting at the University of the Pacific  were advancing well.                                                                                                                   


b)      Society report.  


No ASEE Representative was able to make today's meeting.


c)      Past Chair's report  


No report given.


d)      Chair Elect report 


No report given.


e)      Treasurer's report 


Treasurer was not present.  He will sent report to Board members by email.  As part of the discussion of the Report, the following items were noted: Rich Phillips reported that $500 contribution from PSW has been sent to National to support the National Teaching Award.  Chairman McCurdy indicated that he will send engineering dean's a letter alerting them to a statement from ASEE Headquarters concerning voluntary contributions to PSW.


f)       Membership committee report


No report given.  Committee chairman Tsai was not present.


g)      Directors reports


No reports were given.  A discussion of the duties of a Director took place at the request of Director Khoie.


h)      Relations with Industry (RWI) reports


Joe O'Brien reported that he and Ray Haynes are preparing 10 initiation proposals from the Corporation Members Council (CMC) to be presented to the annual meeting of the ASEE.  Joe will provide additional information to the Board on this item.


i)        Editor report


No report given.


j)        Webmaster report


Webmaster Parisay was not present.  The following related discussion items were offered:   Chairman McCurdy complimented Sima on the development of the website for ASEE/PSW and invited contributions from the Board for posting on the site.  Director Khoie noted that the announcement for PSW's 2004 spring conference be updated and gave the necessary information for that update.  McCurdy commented that all input to Sima should go through the chair, not directly to Sima; she isn’t expected to make decisions.


k)     Community College report


No report given.  Representative not present.


l)        New Faculty report


No report given.  The Board suggested that Walt Loscutoff connect with Campus Representatives to obtain the names of new faculty.  It was commented that the New Faculty director be responsible for contacting the Campus Representatives only, and not the entire membership.  This should be written into the bylaws.


m)    Student Awards report


No report given.  However, the Board agreed that the award needs more discussion.


n)      Faculty Awards report


Stacey Brietenbach indicated a need to know whether or not PSW will contribute to the 2004 Outstanding Teaching Award.  A discussion followed concerning what membership requirements would be required of the recipient.  This will receive more consideration in the future.  A motion was made from the Board that "ASEE/PSW Section contribute $1000 to the 2004 Outstanding Teaching Award".  The motion carried.


III.             Old Business


a)      Update of 2004 Spring ASEE/PSW Conference (April 1-2, 2004)


Conference Co-Chair Khoie gave an extensive description of the program planning to date.  An update of the program announcement  was made available and discussed.  On the subject of planned $100 Faculty Fellowship Awards a motion was made by Paul Rainey that " the ASEE/PSW Board will consider that $100 Faculty Fellowship Awards up to $2500 to be expenses of the Conference".  The motion passed.


An additional motion was made by Rainey that " ASEE/PSW reimburse up to $1000 for any deficit excluding $2500".  The motion passed.  The Board complimented the organizers of the Conference for being well ahead on planning.


b)      Nominations Committee activities


The Nominations Committee is Phillips, OBrien, and Dahleh. The Committee is to have its recommendations for 04/05 Board candidates prepared and submitted to the Board by mid March.


c)       Update on Bylaw enhancements


Three items were brought up as issues for Bylaws review:


1.      Should the issue of proxies (and voting substitutes) be addressed in the Bylaws? Can a non voting attendee at a Board meeting carry proxies?


2.      Should the Advisory Committee be addressed in the Bylaws? Rainey said that it is simply an omission that this has not been done to date.


3.      Certain Board positions, as described in the Bylaws, are not functioning, eg. Student Awards.


And two random notes:


 It was agreed that new faculty would best be contacted through Campus Reps. This was part of the discussion of 3 above.


There was a long and complicated discussion of conditions for being eligible for the PSW Teaching Award. I think that one of the conclusions was that PSW would pay for ASEE membership for any candidate who was not already a member.


d)      Section revenue enhancements


Not discussed.


IV.              New Business


a)      Planning for Spring 2005 and Spring 2006 Conferences


It was agreed that the Spring 2005 Conference be hosted by Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Los Angeles.  Also, Cal Poly Pomona may agree to host the 2006 Conference.


b)      Other new business




c)      Next Executive Board Meeting


The next business meeting of the ASEE/PSW Board will be April 1, 2004 at the University of the Pacific, from 7:00 a.m. to about 9:00 a.m.  A continental breakfast will be available.


d)      Next General-Membership Meeting


The next ASEE/PSW General Membership Meeting will be from noon to about 2:00 pm on April 2, 2004 at the University of the Pacific.  Items for discussion and approval include Bylaw changes recommended by the Bylaws Enhancement Committee.


V.                 Adjourn