American Society for Engineering Education
Pacific Southwest Section
Executive Board Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2004
Loyola Marymount University

PSW Chair Tom Kanneman called the meeting to order at 10:00a.m.

Members present

Breitenbach, Hile, Kanneman, Little, Loscutoff, Macedo, McCurdy, Mendelson, Moretti, Phillips, Plotkin, Tsai, Walsh, Wells; Khoie proxy to McCurdy, Muller proxy to Phillips

I. Call to Order

a) A quorum was noted.

b) The minutes of the April 1, 2004 meeting were approved as presented.

c) The agenda was approved as presented.

II. Section and Committee Reports

a) Chair report – No report given ; however, the Chair thanked the Nomination Committee, reminded the Board of recent changes in the Bylaws and of the spring PSW conference at LMU, April 7 – 8. 2005. He also passed out a list of current Board members and asked that they update E-mail addresses ( Attachment A).

b) Society Report – No report given.

c) Past Chair Report – Lyle McCurdy reported that Executive Board ballots were received. Further, approximately 98% voted for “all” on the ballots. Rich Phillips noted that some members on the Board had never attended a Board meeting. The Board felt that the 2005 elections should take care of this issue. Copies of the current Bylaws containing changes made at the April 04 Board Meeting were distributed (Attachment B). It was note that the Bylaws are also available on the PSW website (

d) Chair Elect Report – No report given. Chair Elect Walt Loscutoff passed around a copy of the National Academy of Engineering Report “The Engineer of 2020 – Visions of Engineering in the New Century”.

e) Treasurer’s Report – Allen Plotkin distributed copies of the treasurer’s report (Attachment C). He reported that roughly $3000 from Boeing is available for faculty awards. The Treasurer’s report was approved. The Board suggested that the chair write the regional engineering deans to remind them of the $50 institutional dues. Jose Macedo made the motion that the fees paid by engineering deans be increased to $100 and that this request be brought to the attention of ASEE headquarters. The motion passed.

f) Membership Report – No report given.

g) Directors Reports. Dan Walsh had nothing to report. Mel Mendelson distributed material on the 2005 PSW conference (Attachment D).

h) Relations with Industry (RWI) Reports. – No RWI reports were given. No RWI representatives were present although Rich Phillips had Carol Muller’s proxy.

i) Past Editor/Chair Report – The position of Past Editor no longer exists.

j) Webmaster Report – Lyle McCurdy informed the Board that he is the new webmaster for the PSW website. The URL is given in II (c).

k) Community College Report – Vince Moretti gave a short verbal report on activity on his campus and indicated great potential for ASEE membership on Community College campuses. He outline a strategy for increasing membership from Community Colleges. At this point Lyle McCurdy gave an overview of the Engineering Liaison Committee (ELC) for the benefit of the Board.

l) New Faculty Report – No report given.

m) Student Award Report – No report given other that the announcement that Lloyd Hile is now handling the student award activities.

n) Faculty Awards Report – (Attachment E). Stacey Brietenbach informed the Board that no nominations for faculty awards were made during the past year. She suggested that Chair Kanneman ask Campus Representatives to nominate at least one person each year. She also indicated that e-mail request for nominations is not working. Rich Phillips made a motion that the Board allocate $1000 for a teaching award for the four year engineering programs. The motion passed. The deadline for the nominations for this award is January 15, 2005. It was suggested that the engineering deans be sent letters asking for nominations. Pat Little made a motion that the Board authorize Stacey to use up to $300 to increase the number of nominations. The motion passed. More discussion to this issue will occur at the Spring 2005 meeting.

III Old Business

a) Update on the Spring 2005 ASEE/PSW Conference - Mel Mendelson reported on plans for the ASEE/PSW Conference. He asked for advice on the conference banquet and for suggestions on “hot” technical topics. The ensuing discussion suggested that the subject of nanotechnology be highlighted. Lyle McCurdy made the motion that the Board authorize $1000, if needed, to help cover conference expenses. The motion passed.

b) Nominations Committee Activities – Reported in II (c).

c) Update on Bylaws Enhancements – Reported in II (c).

d) Section Revenue Enhancements – Reported in II (e).

IV New Business

a) Planning for Spring 2006 Conference – No discussion.

b) PSW Annual Budget – A general discussion on the details of the annual budget occurred. The consensus of the Board was that, for planning purposes, a more comprehensive Treasurer Report would be useful.

c) Other New Business – None considered.

d) Next Executive Board Meeting – The next meeting will be Friday a.m., April 8, 2005 at LMU.

V Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 Noon. Mel Mendelson gave a brief tour of the PSW 05 Conference meeting facilities at LMU University Hall immediately following the business meeting.

Respectively submitted
William Wells, ASEE/PSW Executive Secretary