Minutes of the PSW Executive Board Meeting

Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex

University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Oct. 11, 1996


               Stacey Breitenbach            Ashland Brown
               Rose Marie Dishman            Robert Feugate
               Gerald Jakubowski             Floyd LeCureux
               Brendan O'Toole               Richard Phillips
               Allen Plotkin                 Paul Rainey
               Carl Rathmann                 Jennifer Ross
               Shashi Sathisan


               Spencer Brinkerhoff           Kent Butler
               David Clough                  Irwin Drew
               Vern Johnson                  Joe O'Brien
               Bill Pedler                   William Wells

  1. Call to Order. The meeting was called to order at 5:40 p.m. by Ashland Brown, Chair of the Pacific Southwest Section. The agenda (Attachment A) was reviewed; no changes were requested.
  2. Minutes of the April 5, 1996 Meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved without change.
  3. Election Results. Due to Spencer Brinkerhoff's absence, a formal report was not provided. However, election results are reflected in the Executive Board roster (Attachment B.)
  4. Executive Board Organization.

  5. Treasurer's Report. Allen Plotkin submitted Treasurer's Report (Attachment D), noting that there had been a late payment of one of the winning teams from last year's design contest (SJSU). After a brief discussion of the types of expenses allowable under the Operating Budget, the report was accepted without change.
  6. Zone IV Report. Jerry Jakubowski reported that ASEE nationally is now operating with a small surplus, and is investigating means of improving long term financial stability beyond relying on membership dues. Annual meetings are being reviewed to determine an appropriate balance between affordable registration fees and ensuring that the meetings remain profitable.
  7. Joint ELC & ASEE-PSW Spring 1997 Meeting. Paul Rainey distributed versions of the proposed Meeting and Conference budget assuming 75, 100, and 125 attendees (Attachment E). Assuming food costs of $50 / attendee and registration fee of $99, Paul estimated a surplus at all three attendance levels. In response to a question regarding industry exhibits, Paul replied that space considerations precluded an exhibits area. Following discussion of possible financial shortfall; the Board voted to underwrite up to $1000 of any loss. Pual announced the proposed theme as "Engineering Education for Today and Tomorrow," and asked Board member's assistance in encouraging abstract submission. After a brief discussion of the proposed theme, the Board voted to approve the theme, registration fee, and projected budget.
  8. Reports-Faculty Awards. Stacey Breitenbach distributed the Faculty Awards announcement that was being mailed to all ASEE-PSW members Attachment F). She reminded the Board that, in recent years, only a few nominations had been received. Discussion followed regarding the possibility of attaching an honorarium to the Outstanding Teaching Award. The Board voted to fund an honorarium of $500 to the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award, to be funded from the BASS account, with the restriction that the honorarium be funded only through 1998. At that time, continuance of the honorarium will be reconsidered.
  9. Reports=Student Awards. Rich Phillips reported that Hughes had again provided funds for the awards and that the basic process for soliciting entries had been established. Information regarding the Design Contest and entry procedures would be distributed via email, the Web page, and the PSW Nugget newsletter.
  10. Reports-Community Colleges. Due to Irwin Drew's absence, there was no report.
  11. Reports-Meetings. The Board voted to endorse Paul Rainey's proposal that all future California-based meetings be scheduled in conjunction with the ELC. Paul announced that Harvey Mudd had offered to host the 1998 ASEE-PSW Meeting and Conference and that UNLV had expressed an interesting in hosting the 1999 Meeting. The Board voted to accept both offers, with thanks.
  12. Reports-Membership. Due to Vern Johnson's absence, there was no report.
  13. Reports-Newsletter. Jennifer Ross distributed a preliminary version of the Nugget to show its revised format (omitted from these minutes). She said that additional editorial content was being collected, with publication scheduled for October, 1997. Projected cost was $368.
  14. Reports-Web Site. Floyd LeCureux distributed a hard copy sample of the ASEE-PSW home pageAttachment G He requested that Board members submitting material for the Web site provide that material in text-only format. Floyd commented that links to campus or personal home pages can be incorporated, and asked Board members to send URLs to him. He suggested that links to Web-based courses or reference materials would also be appropriate. Board members were requested to send personal photographs to Floyd and Jennifer for inclusion in the Web site and the Nugget, along with URLs of any personal home pages.
  15. Reports-RWI. There were no reports.
  16. Reports-Campus Representatives. Paul Rainey noted that the Bylaws assign responsibility for campus representatives to the Chair-Elect. However, he had contacted known campus representatives and requested activity reports by the end of October.
  17. Reports-New Faculty. Brendan O'Toole reported that he would be sending an information letter promoting interest in ASEE to all new faculty (pst 3-5 years) that he could identify within the PSW. The letter will emphasize the 1997 ASEE-PSW Meeting and Conference, and its New Faculty Workshop. Brendan noted that, while he will coordinate that Workship, he will not be in attendance due to prior commitments. Various Board members suggested possible content and speakers for the New Faculty Workship.
  18. 1997 ASEE Annual Conference. Board members were reminded that this year's Conference was scheduled for June 15-18 in Milwaukee and were encouraged to attend.
  19. Adjournment. There was no Old Business or New Business. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.