American Society for Engineering Education
Pacific Southwest Section

Executive Board Meeting
March 19,1999
Harrah's, Las Vegas
Hosted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Present: Bill Wells, Kent Butler, Frank Owens, Brendan O'Toole, Lyle McCurdy, Carl Rathmann, Jim Bums, Dave Barneby, Floyd Lecureux, Iraj Borbor, Rose Marie Dishman, Richard Moore, Paul Rainey, Rich Phillips, Vern Johnson, Stacey Breitenbach, Joe O'Brien, Shashi Nambisan

1. Call to Order/Introductions

The meeting was-called to order at 7:00 a.m. by Paul Rainey, Chair of the Pacific Southwest Section. Chairman Rainey read a letter from Bill Peddler and introduced guest Richard Moore, Chairman, ASEE Zone IV Council of Sections. Rose Marie Dishman introduced her guest, Iraj Borbor, from DeVry Institute of Technology.

II. Approval of Minutes from March 20, 1998 Meeting

Minutes were approved without change. Unofficial minutes from meeting of October 23, 1998 were presented although the meeting lacked a quorum. Chair Paul Rainey announced that the ballot as posted on the web was in error and had to be corrected. A motion was made and passed to put on the ballot the Executive Advisory Committee as an element of the ASEE/PSW Executive Board (Attachment 1).

III. Executive Board Nominating Committee

Shashi Nambisan, Chair of the Nominating Committee, gave a report on his work (Attachment 2). The ballot was modified and approved.

IV. Executive Board Organization

Chairman Rainey discussed the location and time of the Fall 1999 Board meeting and suggested that the Board continue to have two meetings per year. The issue as to the desirability of continuing to meet in conjunction with the ELC meetings was discussed. This item will be considered as new business at the Fall meeting tentatively set to be in Long Beach, 10:00 a.m., Friday, October 15, 1999.

V. Zone IV Report

Richard Moore, Chairman, ASEE Zone IV Council of Sections distributed and presented a report (Attachment 3).

VI. Treasurer's Report

In the absence of Treasurer Plotkin, Chairman Rainey gave the report. Income: $4,878.47. After Awards Deducted: $2,378.47. The question was raised: Does the PSW Section continue to give a financial award? The following motion was passed:

It was decided that Paul Rainey, Rose Marie Dishman and Dave Barneby will spearhead an effort to involve industry recruiters in the ASEE and sponsorship. Executive Board members are to send a roster of placement recruiters to Dave Bameby.

VII. Joint ASEE-PSW and ELC Meeting Report

Brendan O'Toole presented a report on the joint ASEE-PSW and ELC Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, March 18, 19 and 20, 1999 (Attachment 4).

VIII. Future Joint ELC-PSW Meetings

The next spring ASEE/PSW meeting will most likely be held in March of 2000 at the University of Arizona in Tucson. A joint meeting with the ELC is not anticipated.

In 2001, the meeting is likely to be at Cal State, Pomona. It is unknown as to whether or not ELC will hold a joint meeting then. In 2002, Hawaii has been mentioned.

IX. Committee Reports

A. Faculty Awards
- Breitenbach

Notification of next year's awards will go out in Fall 1999.

B. Student Awards - Phillips

The design competition had only two entries, the industrial category and the team category. This implies insufficient interest by faculty and students.

C. Community Colleges - Owens

The community colleges are doing well even though enrollments are dropping. A big concern of the community colleges is the belief that four year universities are setting their own conditions on lower level courses making it difficult for articulation (Attachment 5).

D. New Faculty - O'Toole

No report.

E. Membership - Johnson

Suggests the ASEE web site and the Prism magazine are excellent means to promote membership.

F. Newsletter - McCurdy

April 15, 1999 is the deadline for articles to be submitted for the next newsletter.
Ballots will go into the newsletter.

G. Web Site for ASEE-PSW - LeCureux

Webmaster LeCureux wants input relative to the web site. He wants to encourage more users of the site. He raised the question as to whether we need both the newsletter and web site. Suggest we discuss this issue at the Fall 1999 meeting.

H. Relatives with Industry - O'Brian. Barneby

There is concern in industry with the many requests from universities for ABET 2000 Criteria information on its employees. The industry reps will prepare a report on assessment for the Fall 1999 meeting of the Board.

1. Campus Representatives - Dishman

Paul Rainey was nominated for Outstanding Campus Representative for Zone IV.

X. ASEE Fellows Nominations - Rainey

Chairman Rainey will send Board members a report on this.

XI. Annual 1999 ASEE Conference in Charlotte. North Carolina No comments.

XII. Old Business

Executive Advisory Council.
As mentioned under item 11 of these minutes, the motion was passed to establish an Executive Advisory Council to the Board and amend the Section Bylaws accordingly. These amendments will now be voted upon by the membership-at large.

Vice Chair of Meetings. Shashi Nambisan will write up a description of this position for the Board members.

XIII. New Business


XIV. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

Paul E. Rainey,
Executive Board Advisory Council

California Polytechnic State University,
San Luis Obispo