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Pacific Southwest Section (PSW) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)


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PSW 2004 Meeting

The 2004 ASEE/PSW meeting will be held at the University of the Pacific, Stocton, California. Dr. Ravi Jain, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, will host the meeting, and Professor Rahim Khoie of Electrical Engineering will serve as Program Chair.

University of the Pacific was founded in 1851 as California's first chartered university. It is an independent university with eleven schools and colleges. The School of Engineering and Computer Science offers bachelor degrees in six engineering disciplines along with five minors.

To contact Professor Khoie:
Telephone: (209) 946-3069


2003 Awards

Outstanding Teaching Award: Thomas Piechota, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nevada, Los Vegas. Tom's teaching/research interests include service-learning, water resources engineering, surface water hydrology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and water resource modeling, climate variability, and long range streamflow forecasting. He also was co-author, along with David E. James and Brian Gauthier, of "Project-Based Learning in a Freshman Engineering Course: University-High School Partnership" presented at the ASEE/PSW April 2003 meeting.

Outstanding Community College Award: Jeffrey Jones, Lead Instructor, Engineering and Technology, Cuesta College. As the program's only full-time faculty member, Professor Jones not only teaches engineering courses, he has been primarily responsible for curriculum development, teaching innovations, and articulation with both local high school and university programs. As a result of his efforts, Cuesta College's engineering program is one of the largest and most respected community college programs in the state of California. Professor Jones actively participates in statewide and national committees dealing with issues in engineering education. This has not only benefited engineering education as a whole, but he has been able to develop a community college program that closely articulates with university programs and meets industry needs.

Outstanding Campus Representative: Sima Parisay, Professor of Engineering in the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department, California Polytechnic University, Pomona. Professor Parisay also won this award in 2001. She currently serves as Web Master for the ASEE/PSW web site. At the April 2003 PSW Executive Board meeting, Professor Parisay was voted a special commendation for her outstanding work on the web site.


2003-2004 PSW Chair

Lyle McCurdy, Professor of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, California Polytechnic University, Pomona, will serve as Chair for the PSW Section for 2003-2004. Professor McCurdy has served the PSW Section in many ways over the years. He has been the editor of "Nuggets", the PSW newsletter and an active PSW Board member.


2003 Annual Meeting at USC

The 2003 Annual Meeting of the PSW Section was held March 20 and 21st at the University of Southern California. Louise Yates, Associate Dean of Engineering served as Program Chair. The professional program consisted of some XX papers presented by XX authors and co-authors. The meeting program is posted under Annual Meetings on the PSW web site. There were 31 official registrants, with others present for the banquet and Board meeting.

The PSW has selected "Learning and Cost Effectiveness of a Web-Enhanced Linear Circuits Course", Hans Kuehl, et. al., as "Best Paper" from our March meeting.


Nugget Newsletter

Prof. Lyle McCurdy is Editor of Nugget PSW Newslette. He can be reached at which is his work email. He prefers
his home email address at His web site is at:


PSW Nugget Newsletter, Fall 1999

PSW Nugget Newsletter, Spring 1999


PSW Nugget Newsletter, Fall 1998



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